Decisions is a leading provider of BPM, Workflow, and Rule Technology headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Decisions was found in 2010 by Carl Hewitt. Carl’s dream was to provide technology for automating key business processes and business rules, while making the rules and the logic accessible to non-programmers. From that dream Decisions was born and has become a global provider assisting companies all over the world with their business automation needs.


Decisions is a no-code business automation platform focusing on workflow process automation as well as business rule execution and data handling. The Decisions platform is 100% web delivered, in browser, without any reliance on plugins or custom technology.

The key feature of Decisions is a family of visual designers that enable non-technical business users to design, understand and change business logic. Whether it’s a workflow, rule, form or report/dashboard. Decisions allows you to automate and then optimize and involve the systems, without writing any code whatsoever.


Decisions technology is used directly by companies on almost all continents, ranging from small/mid-size companies to over a dozen of the Fortune 500.

Given the flexible nature of Decisions, it is designed to streamline and automate a wide variety of different use cases across many different industries: Healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, lending and finance, supply chain management, mortgage, government, education, defence, etc.


Firewall Applications is a reseller of The Decisions Platform and can provide the consultancy, implementation and training that you require to automate your application. If you wish to find out more then please download our brochure and reach out to us.

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