What happens when you die?

System Security

The one thing that is certain in life. The only question is when? The Portable Blockchain Format is established as the de facto standard for the management of your data. No matter how you encrypt your data eventually one of more people are going to have to know a part of your password or key recovery phrase. How can you provide this?. There are many techniques and it may be that you need multiple techniques at various stages.

You can write the passphrase down and put it somewhere secure. You can separate the key into parts and distribute this value – but what if they die before you? You can have a multi sig approach requiring at least two people to access your stored key. You might even be able to hide it plain site using steganography. Above all it must be easy to set up and easy to revoke, after all other people die.

The solution to this challenge will accelerate the adoption of full decentralised distributed data as a custodian is no longer required. The solution will also help solve for other important edge cases where the traditional identity is no not appropriate. Think witness or victim protection schemes where new identities are legitimately created and issued.

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